Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(clean) Catholic Comedy !?!

Soon- several Catholic teens [from a family of 8 children] will spend their summer creating clean Catholic comedy for YouTube. There is a rumor that these young adults were partly inspired by the video 'Stuff Catholics Say' though they deny this saying "no- this is something we have been thinking about for awhile now. There is a Catholic stand-up comedian [Judy McDonald]." The teenagers that plan to launch 'Chi Rho Comedy' report that collectively, they have seen Catholic comedian Judy McDonald 'nearly a dozen times' the oldest in the group claims "its incredible to see how she brings joy and humor to the people without feeling the need to use profanity or inappropriate references." 

There has been a long journey between their initial inspiration and putting it into action. The group of youngsters expresses confidence in their plans to captivate an online audience which they hope will be comprised of young and old, Catholics and Non-Catholics alike. They realize of course that this ambitious goal is a large one to take on- one of the members explains "we feel that its very important for us- as Catholics- as true believers- to engage in media in order to correct the misconceptions that people have about our Faith." Is making YouTube comedy videos really doing this? "Of course, a few of us have been engaging online with people for several years now doing just that- we are called to bring the Truth to people- this is New Evangelism at its core" another member chimes in "The Mormons will come to your door- we want to come to your computer... we want people (especially young Catholics) to watch listen to less (N.) and watch less TV and YouTubers like (N.)- To instead fill their minds and souls with something healthier- to protect their chastity and innocence." When asked about what style of comedy they plan to use- they looked at one another and burst into laughter. The youngest member explained "That's something we've been discussing for awhile now. We all have such a variety of tastes and preferences- instead of limiting ourselves to one 'style' we've decided to use a more democratic approach- we've each written scripts- parodies, sketches, songs, mockumentaries ... since we're all family its easier to work through our disagreements- we can be completely honest with one another. We're all really excited to start filming- as to style - a little bit of everything as long as its tasteful and appropriate." The young man in the group interjected "Absolutely- being tasteful and appropriate is of the utmost importance to us- we want to make videos that you wouldn't be embarrassed to share with your priest."     
Already, Chi Rho Comedy has complied a long list of ideas and scripts which they have been editing and preparing for several months in anticipation for filming this summer. Naturally, I wonder... if this group of young passionate Catholics already has such well composed and solid ideas and even scripts! - why not begin filming already? The answer lies in the fact that the oldest member in this to-be comedy troupe [one of their older sisters] is currently attending college several hours away. Upon her return home in upcoming weeks, the family plans to fully launch their Catholic comedy on YouTube. The group already has a channel which they are now encouraging people to pre-subscribe to. Chi-Rho Comedy has already released a 'teaser' or promo for their channel which, in my opinion, looks very promising. The Catholic comedy group features an "over-the-top" and "ridiculously dramatic promo which is meant to mimic television commercials- its supposed to be kind of silly and fun."