Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Feast of Holy Innocents!

If you are not already aware... today is the Feast of Holy Innocents. It is also known as Childermas.
The feast day is meant to commemorate the martyrdom of the innocent babies.

And the king of Egypt spoke to the midwives of the Hebrews: of whom one was called Sephora, the other Phua, Commanding them: When you shall do the office of midwives to the Hebrew women, and the time of delivery is come: if it be a man child, kill it: if a woman, keep it alive ...Pharoh therefore charged all his people, saying: Whatsoever shall be born of the male sex, ye shall cast into the river: whatsoever of the female, ye shall save alive.     Exodus 1:15-16, 22:
Please keep in mind all the other murdered infants which are holy & innocent- especially those that have been victims of infanticide & abortion. Please pray for all children which have passed from this world to the next- that they may join their creator- Our Heavenly Father- in everlasting life. Pray also for an end to abortion, murder, violence, child abuse, etc.   

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Archangelati - DEC 3rd!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Archangelati group. Already, special messages have been sent out by our co-founders. To commemorate this special day- what a blessing this year has been!- I have made 2 new promo-type videos for the group. A 4 minute video & a 9 minute video [with interviews from the members!].
Here is the shorter version... PLEASE watch it & SHARE it with Catholic friends! Pax Domini.