Apologetics & New Evangelism

How to be a Witness for Christ. Learn, Teach & Defend Our Roman Catholic Faith

1. Pray

Ask for the Holy Spirit to help open the heart and mind of the individual or group that you are speaking with and to guide your words so you may glorify God and that the Truth may be shared with all God's children. 
2. Be Patient and Understanding!
Please keep in mind that there are many lies about the Church that are spread throughout the world. It is our job as Catholics to lovingly spread Truth and invite all souls back to God and His Holy Church. I understand that some heretics refuse to acknowledge even the most simple and basic truths, but please be a good representative of the Church. 
3. Use Catholic resources!
This includes the Bible but it shouldn’t stop there! The Catechism and “Catholicism for Dummies” are both amazing resources to use. There are also other books that can help including those of the Early Church Fathers, various saints, Theologians and other Catholic authors.  If you are looking for something in a Q & A format, try the Baltimore Catechism [it’s the older version but a simple & excellent aid].
 You should “like” the Catholic group Archangelati on Facebook for links & lots of Catholic resources.  If you have a Kindle- there are LOTS of fantastic Catholic books that you can buy or download for Free! There are also some excellent Catholic Resources & links on my YouTube channel that can help you get started …      
4. Say what?!?
You should spend some time seeing how other Catholic Apologists & New Evangelists spread and defend the Faith- this will not only deepen your own understanding of Catholicism, it will also inspire you to become more active in bringing souls back to God. Seeing and hearing the explanations that other Catholics use can also help give you ideas how to approach the same or similar topics.

5. Join a Catholic Apologetic or New Evangelist group for support! 
I’m sure you’ve heard when “two or more are gathered” in His name, God will bless us with His graces. I highly recommend that you join a group- my absolute favorite is Archangelati. It is BOTH a New Evangelist and Apologetic based group with highly knowledgeable members and a wonderful community.  One of the many benefits of becoming involved with a group is that when you don’t know the answer to something… there will always be somebody to help. *[This can also help minimize Fundamentalist & Anti-Catholic trolls]
Being a part of a Catholic group can also help you to remain accountable to living faithfully as a Catholic. It can help you to grow deeper in your own faith and to see the beauty of our Church! It can also give you lots of new prayer partners!
6. Be prepared.
All the previous steps must work together in order to help you with this step. There are
many times when we are caught off guard with a question -“Why do you do ----- ? [and of
course] Where is -------- in the Bible?”

Knowing the common questions and attacks can be very beneficial. It will help you to confidently Witness for Christ and the Holy Church. Knowing what will probably be asked can help you to know what and how to respond. There are also some other ways we must prepare ourselves though… as we grow deeper in our own faith and as we feel called to invite others to the True Church … we must be ready for the possibility that we will upset our family, lose Non-Catholic friends, or become hated by the world. 

"If the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you"
John 15:18

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