Archangelati is currently an international Roman Catholic group and grassroots movement based primarily online across various outlets of social media including Blogger, YouTube and Facebook ... we are constantly expanding and adapting to new needs as they arise. We hope to apply for official Church recognition as a Confraternity soon!

We are founded on the principles of:

1) Evangelism: We strive to make known the true message of Christ to all we come into contact with- this includes fall-away and lukewarm Catholics, Protestants, Atheists, and on a few occasions even Occultists.
2) Apologetics: We defend the Catholic faith and its message based on Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium.
3) Education: We attempt to teach true Catholic teachings and the reasoning we have for our beliefs amidst the many sources of lies or false information presented by the media.
4) Prayer: We pray for the goals of the Archangelati, the intentions of His Holiness the Pope, and for the Catholic Church and its many members.
5)Community: As brothers and sisters in Christ, we also seek to help one another with spiritual matters. You'll find many new Catholic friends to discuss our beautiful faith with! Don't forget- the more we seek to spiritually renew others - the easier it becomes for us to be renewed in the process! 
We welcome all Roman Catholics in full communion with the Church to join our lay ministry and online Catholic community. We're positive that God has given you unique gifts and abilities that could be put to good use serving him with us! Watch one of the videos below for more information on our group!