Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I hope everybody is off to a good start for Lent! This is a wonderful time for us to reflect on our own lives and to reach out & improve the lives of others. If you live in an urban region, I highly recommend you set aside some time during this Lenten Season to volunteer in a shelter... if you don't have the time, bring an extra snack in your purse & share it with the needy you pass by on the street! There is always Operation Rice Bowl... if your Parish does not already participate in this or if you would like more information click on the link above... growing up- each of the children would get a little cardboard box from Catechism classes to fill with change and share with the poor. [I am from a very large family...] There would always be somebody that forgot to turn theirs in on time! What began as a fluke became a great system to give even more! We would end up with one or two extra little boxes that we would keep until the following year [that way we would have more than just Lent to set aside our small change and found pennies]. Though ours was on accident- it is something you might consider doing purposely. Yes, Lent is a time for [extra] giving... but we should also not just limit ourselves to Lent... let your Lenten choices become not just temporary ways to please God but to become good habits for spiritual growth and to benefit others....

Don't forget! Lent is a time not just for sacrifice & sharing... but for prayer & re-centering our lives on God! Please take just 2 minutes & watch this video.  - God Bless & have a spiritually fruitful Lent!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LENT: Ash Wednesday - St Therese Chaplet

Hello- I just wanted to remind everyone that Lent begins very soon. Ash Wednesday is tomorrow- it is NOT a Holy Day of Obligation [at least - not in America] but it is very highly recommended that you attend Mass & receive the ash & blessings. This is an excellent way to begin the Lenten season... it helps us to call upon the Holy Spirit to strengthen us & help us endure. Don't forget! Ash Wednesday is a day for fasting too! - NO MEAT, AND 2 SMALL MEALS [or the equivalence- 1 small meal & 2 snacks etc.]... Did you know?... that the Lenten fast was [in previous years] not limited to Ash Wednesday & Fridays... but during the ENTIRE season. Red Meat? - Heck no! Roman Catholics went VEGAN during Lent! [the whole Lent- no cheating on Sundays]... [Where did Fridays come from?...] No meat on Fridays was the tradition for the REST of the year! Just something to keep in mind when you catch yourself complaining about fish tacos or faced with the temptation to eat a  Double Bacon Cheeseburger...
      I want to share a new video ... the Feast of St John of the Cross is coming up... He is a very important patron saint for all Discalced Carmelites.... I'd like to share with you the Chaplet of St Therese [a French Discalced Carmelite]. Don't worry if you don't have the chaplet with X beads etc. ... I find that prayer videos are nice & easy to follow... you can also pause them & come back if absolute need be!  PLEASE watch it AND share it with others. You might be surprised how many Catholics have such a devotion to St Therese of the Little Flower [also known as St Therese of the Child Jesus]. Her autobiography "Story of a Soul" gives us her "little way"- a guide to finding and following Jesus in and through all.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Say a prayer for me...

I'm teetering on the line of exhaustion. Three midterms paper, Three hours of sleep, a jelly-filled doughnut & iced coffee.... I have no other words for my weekend or my morning. To anyone that sees this post- please throw an Ave Maria my way when you get the chance.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holy Communion & tradition! A video & a word of encouragement!

I have a NEW video! This takes a look at the different methods of receiving Holy Communion [America is free to stand OR kneel... ] A few words from His Eminence Cardinal Arinze [he's AMAZING- I've been listening to his interviews all week!] ALSO - a link to an official Vatican document Prot. N. 47/03/L that will clarify a few issues that some Catholics have been known to experience in their local parishes. If you [OR somebody you know!] have been told that you cannot or should not receive the Holy Body & Blood of Jesus Christ while kneeling- please print this out and mail it or present it to your priest. [He needs to know!] Just a little note... I noticed AFTER I posted the video for a SECOND time- that I mispronounced a word [@ 4:18]... I was also corrected by a viewer for my use of the term "crumbs"- what I should have said was "Sacred Particles"... MEA CULPA
Soon I will be posting "tips to receiving on the tongue"... It is not of my own inception- [I was always taught to receive the Eucharist by hand- though I have decided I will now begin to receive by mouth]... The tips come from a priest (I think) but were posted on Dr Taylor Marshall's blog [if you can find it- by all means look 'em up!] Anyway- I'll be (re)posting them soon- or a variation of them... so be on the look out! In the mean time- if you want to begin receiving the Holy Eucharist by tongue- I highly encourage you to do so! Don't worry about feeling silly or embarrassed- with God [and FOR God] we can do all things! 

Before I get back to writing my FOUR midterm papers [due this next week...] I want to offer a word of encouragement to ANYONE that God has blessed with the opportunity to either see or follow this blog. BE NOT AFRAID! Stand up for the Lord! We often think that only the big stuff we do for Him counts- that's not true! We must do all things with great love- whether its washing the dishes [this can ease the burdens of your spouse- what a great act of love this can be!], cooking dinner for the kids [not just "cooking"- providing the substance necessary for LIFE itself! you hand them not just food on a plate- but nourishment, culture, and love!]... all things can be done with such great love! To do so is to truly "Glorify the Lord with your Life". 
Another point I feel is worth making- since this post IS about Holy Communion & pleasing the Lord... DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE TRADITIONAL! I know this is something I have been apprehensive about in the past [particularly with wearing the chapel veil] ... we must remember that if we know that something - an action [or NOT doing certain actions!] pleases God- then we should worry about about doing just that- pleasing God!Don't worry about what others think... the only opinion that should matter to you is Jesus Christ's! Whether its considering dressing with more modestywearing the chapel veil, asking the priest to bless some salt, kneeling [that 2nd time] during the consecration, receiving the Blessed Body & Blood of our Lord Jesus, kneeling before Him when you receive His Body & Blood in Holy Communion ... Who knows !?! Maybe other people want to be more traditional too! Maybe they just need to see your courage and devotion to our Lord in order to gain enough of their own courage to do the same!
Don't forget to pray for our priests, all that are discerning, all abused &/or homeless children, an end in abortion & contraception, an increase in reverence for our Lord (which comes through the spread & adoption of tradition). Please pray for our Bishops & ALL the clergy! May God guide them so that they may better guide us!  Please pray for our exorcists as well- we leave them out far too often- they really need our prayers too! May our Heavenly Father Bless you now and forever. May He guide you to the truth, may you open your heart and listen to Him! May He quell all your fears and help you to worship and adore him properly. May you be blessed with good health & happiness & may your family [and all relationships] be healed in whatever manner is needed most! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Abortion/Planned Parenthood documentary/exposé - "Bloodmoney"

I don't have too much to say today... I just want to remind everyone that Lent is approaching quickly. This year Ash Wednesday falls on February 22nd. I recently found some wonderful cites and I can't pass up the opportunity to share them! There is a wonderful Pro-Life documentary narrated by Martin Luther King's niece - Dr. Alveda King. Bloodmoney takes a look inside the American abortion industry. Spanish speakers can watch this documentary on YouTube. Non-spanish speakers will have to order it online- by visiting the cite above. It is $10-13  [there are two versions- one is 55 minutes making it ideal for showing in your Health, US Govt, Religion/Theology, or CCD classes, the other is 80 minutes]. There are also options to purchase the Spanish version or in bulk for sharing or distribution [at your local parish- or you send one to each of the churches in the diocese!].   This documentary has EXTREMELY high reviews & promises to be quite enthralling. It is both sensitive and informative- but not political or pushy. It is focused on giving facts and the absolute truth about the American abortion industry [namely Planned Parenthood]. Rather than slander or condemn- it raises awareness to the unfathomable emotional and psychological damages that having an abortion leaves with women. I highly encourage EVERYONE  to look into this documentary and/or send the link to your local Pro-Life ministry [the local church may or may not have such a ministry]. This NEEDS to be shared with the younger generation! Please send the link to the youth leaders/ Faith Formation leaders at your local parish [or to all of them in the diocese!]. To watch the promo video- click on the video above. God Bless- and please remember to pray an end to abortion throughout the world! Please pray for all the unborn AND all women that are considering abortion as a so-called "option".

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lots going on this week! Celebrations, Feastdays, pro-life!

I have a few things to share with you- I wanted to remind everybody that Candlemas ["the presentation of the Lord"/ "Christian festival of lights"] is tomorrow [Feb 2nd]. To learn more about the origins of Candlemas or what it is- click on the trusty link to Fisheaters HERE  or click on the following for the explanation in the Catholic Encyclapedia.
Also- Friday [Feb 3rd] is ST Blaise day! St Blaise is one of the 14 holy helpers [a special group of saints]. On his feast day it is customary for priests to [with awesome- twisty candles!] bless the throats of all the parishoners [usually after Mass]. Check & see if your home parish will uphold this tradition- perhaps they don't have the "twisty-candles"[see picture- which is not my own]. If you are interested in engaging in this traditional blessing/annual celebration- you can inquire about it with your local priest [before or after mass]. Perhaps your parishioners can collectively donate a set of the candles [or a fund specified for them] to the church for such annual blessings.
Third point- voting season approaches! [kind of]- PLEASE make sure you pick a candidate WISELY. BEFORE  casting your vote- truly reflect & pray about who to vote for. Remember- the Catholic Church DOES NOT take pro-abortionists lightly. You are morally obligated to vote for a PRO-LIFE candidate. This is perhaps the MOST important issue to consider [yes- economics & social concerns come 2ND or even 3RD!].  As Catholics- rather as basic humans- ending the legalization of infanticide [- the mass murder of infants] and protecting the dignity of all God's children is of the utmost importance! To view my video or to learn more about why God AND the Catholic Church are 100% pro-life click on the following  WHY PROLIFE? [Catholic teachings] . To view a Live Action Films  video on the paradox of being "Personally Pro-life" click on the red link.
May G-d Bless you all [& your families!] now & forevermore & may you come to know him in a deeply personal way. May you glorify Him in all you do & preach the gospels at all times- using words when necessary. Have an awesome weekend ;)