Sunday, February 5, 2012

Abortion/Planned Parenthood documentary/exposé - "Bloodmoney"

I don't have too much to say today... I just want to remind everyone that Lent is approaching quickly. This year Ash Wednesday falls on February 22nd. I recently found some wonderful cites and I can't pass up the opportunity to share them! There is a wonderful Pro-Life documentary narrated by Martin Luther King's niece - Dr. Alveda King. Bloodmoney takes a look inside the American abortion industry. Spanish speakers can watch this documentary on YouTube. Non-spanish speakers will have to order it online- by visiting the cite above. It is $10-13  [there are two versions- one is 55 minutes making it ideal for showing in your Health, US Govt, Religion/Theology, or CCD classes, the other is 80 minutes]. There are also options to purchase the Spanish version or in bulk for sharing or distribution [at your local parish- or you send one to each of the churches in the diocese!].   This documentary has EXTREMELY high reviews & promises to be quite enthralling. It is both sensitive and informative- but not political or pushy. It is focused on giving facts and the absolute truth about the American abortion industry [namely Planned Parenthood]. Rather than slander or condemn- it raises awareness to the unfathomable emotional and psychological damages that having an abortion leaves with women. I highly encourage EVERYONE  to look into this documentary and/or send the link to your local Pro-Life ministry [the local church may or may not have such a ministry]. This NEEDS to be shared with the younger generation! Please send the link to the youth leaders/ Faith Formation leaders at your local parish [or to all of them in the diocese!]. To watch the promo video- click on the video above. God Bless- and please remember to pray an end to abortion throughout the world! Please pray for all the unborn AND all women that are considering abortion as a so-called "option".

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