Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lots going on this week! Celebrations, Feastdays, pro-life!

I have a few things to share with you- I wanted to remind everybody that Candlemas ["the presentation of the Lord"/ "Christian festival of lights"] is tomorrow [Feb 2nd]. To learn more about the origins of Candlemas or what it is- click on the trusty link to Fisheaters HERE  or click on the following for the explanation in the Catholic Encyclapedia.
Also- Friday [Feb 3rd] is ST Blaise day! St Blaise is one of the 14 holy helpers [a special group of saints]. On his feast day it is customary for priests to [with awesome- twisty candles!] bless the throats of all the parishoners [usually after Mass]. Check & see if your home parish will uphold this tradition- perhaps they don't have the "twisty-candles"[see picture- which is not my own]. If you are interested in engaging in this traditional blessing/annual celebration- you can inquire about it with your local priest [before or after mass]. Perhaps your parishioners can collectively donate a set of the candles [or a fund specified for them] to the church for such annual blessings.
Third point- voting season approaches! [kind of]- PLEASE make sure you pick a candidate WISELY. BEFORE  casting your vote- truly reflect & pray about who to vote for. Remember- the Catholic Church DOES NOT take pro-abortionists lightly. You are morally obligated to vote for a PRO-LIFE candidate. This is perhaps the MOST important issue to consider [yes- economics & social concerns come 2ND or even 3RD!].  As Catholics- rather as basic humans- ending the legalization of infanticide [- the mass murder of infants] and protecting the dignity of all God's children is of the utmost importance! To view my video or to learn more about why God AND the Catholic Church are 100% pro-life click on the following  WHY PROLIFE? [Catholic teachings] . To view a Live Action Films  video on the paradox of being "Personally Pro-life" click on the red link.
May G-d Bless you all [& your families!] now & forevermore & may you come to know him in a deeply personal way. May you glorify Him in all you do & preach the gospels at all times- using words when necessary. Have an awesome weekend ;)

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  1. :D SOOOO excited for St Blaise day!!!!