Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LENT: Ash Wednesday - St Therese Chaplet

Hello- I just wanted to remind everyone that Lent begins very soon. Ash Wednesday is tomorrow- it is NOT a Holy Day of Obligation [at least - not in America] but it is very highly recommended that you attend Mass & receive the ash & blessings. This is an excellent way to begin the Lenten season... it helps us to call upon the Holy Spirit to strengthen us & help us endure. Don't forget! Ash Wednesday is a day for fasting too! - NO MEAT, AND 2 SMALL MEALS [or the equivalence- 1 small meal & 2 snacks etc.]... Did you know?... that the Lenten fast was [in previous years] not limited to Ash Wednesday & Fridays... but during the ENTIRE season. Red Meat? - Heck no! Roman Catholics went VEGAN during Lent! [the whole Lent- no cheating on Sundays]... [Where did Fridays come from?...] No meat on Fridays was the tradition for the REST of the year! Just something to keep in mind when you catch yourself complaining about fish tacos or faced with the temptation to eat a  Double Bacon Cheeseburger...
      I want to share a new video ... the Feast of St John of the Cross is coming up... He is a very important patron saint for all Discalced Carmelites.... I'd like to share with you the Chaplet of St Therese [a French Discalced Carmelite]. Don't worry if you don't have the chaplet with X beads etc. ... I find that prayer videos are nice & easy to follow... you can also pause them & come back if absolute need be!  PLEASE watch it AND share it with others. You might be surprised how many Catholics have such a devotion to St Therese of the Little Flower [also known as St Therese of the Child Jesus]. Her autobiography "Story of a Soul" gives us her "little way"- a guide to finding and following Jesus in and through all.  

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