Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holy Communion & tradition! A video & a word of encouragement!

I have a NEW video! This takes a look at the different methods of receiving Holy Communion [America is free to stand OR kneel... ] A few words from His Eminence Cardinal Arinze [he's AMAZING- I've been listening to his interviews all week!] ALSO - a link to an official Vatican document Prot. N. 47/03/L that will clarify a few issues that some Catholics have been known to experience in their local parishes. If you [OR somebody you know!] have been told that you cannot or should not receive the Holy Body & Blood of Jesus Christ while kneeling- please print this out and mail it or present it to your priest. [He needs to know!] Just a little note... I noticed AFTER I posted the video for a SECOND time- that I mispronounced a word [@ 4:18]... I was also corrected by a viewer for my use of the term "crumbs"- what I should have said was "Sacred Particles"... MEA CULPA
Soon I will be posting "tips to receiving on the tongue"... It is not of my own inception- [I was always taught to receive the Eucharist by hand- though I have decided I will now begin to receive by mouth]... The tips come from a priest (I think) but were posted on Dr Taylor Marshall's blog [if you can find it- by all means look 'em up!] Anyway- I'll be (re)posting them soon- or a variation of them... so be on the look out! In the mean time- if you want to begin receiving the Holy Eucharist by tongue- I highly encourage you to do so! Don't worry about feeling silly or embarrassed- with God [and FOR God] we can do all things! 

Before I get back to writing my FOUR midterm papers [due this next week...] I want to offer a word of encouragement to ANYONE that God has blessed with the opportunity to either see or follow this blog. BE NOT AFRAID! Stand up for the Lord! We often think that only the big stuff we do for Him counts- that's not true! We must do all things with great love- whether its washing the dishes [this can ease the burdens of your spouse- what a great act of love this can be!], cooking dinner for the kids [not just "cooking"- providing the substance necessary for LIFE itself! you hand them not just food on a plate- but nourishment, culture, and love!]... all things can be done with such great love! To do so is to truly "Glorify the Lord with your Life". 
Another point I feel is worth making- since this post IS about Holy Communion & pleasing the Lord... DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE TRADITIONAL! I know this is something I have been apprehensive about in the past [particularly with wearing the chapel veil] ... we must remember that if we know that something - an action [or NOT doing certain actions!] pleases God- then we should worry about about doing just that- pleasing God!Don't worry about what others think... the only opinion that should matter to you is Jesus Christ's! Whether its considering dressing with more modestywearing the chapel veil, asking the priest to bless some salt, kneeling [that 2nd time] during the consecration, receiving the Blessed Body & Blood of our Lord Jesus, kneeling before Him when you receive His Body & Blood in Holy Communion ... Who knows !?! Maybe other people want to be more traditional too! Maybe they just need to see your courage and devotion to our Lord in order to gain enough of their own courage to do the same!
Don't forget to pray for our priests, all that are discerning, all abused &/or homeless children, an end in abortion & contraception, an increase in reverence for our Lord (which comes through the spread & adoption of tradition). Please pray for our Bishops & ALL the clergy! May God guide them so that they may better guide us!  Please pray for our exorcists as well- we leave them out far too often- they really need our prayers too! May our Heavenly Father Bless you now and forever. May He guide you to the truth, may you open your heart and listen to Him! May He quell all your fears and help you to worship and adore him properly. May you be blessed with good health & happiness & may your family [and all relationships] be healed in whatever manner is needed most! 

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