Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello and Welcome

In case you have not yet heard, " Archangelati " is a relatively small and new traditionalist Catholic movement in America that is growing! The movement seeks to educate the public on the faith and traditions of Catholicism and to spread awareness of reforming the so-called "progressives" [sometimes nicknamed protestantives]. Along with many others, I have vowed to dedicate a portion of each day with online evangelization.

I wish to spread the truth about Catholic teachings and traditional doctrine as it is all too often misinterpreted by others and whether you are a atheist, skeptic, Protestant, Catholic or other, I welcome you to freely ask (appropriate) questions concerning the Catholic faith. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, scripture, and theology, I will  try to answer what I can and find answers for you [from Church officials] whenever possible.

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  1. Hey...nice blog,original name too... Thanks for finding more ways to get the Word out. God bless.