Friday, June 17, 2011

Pope Benedict & LATIN

I recently read an article that Pope Benedict is encouaging young seminarians to learn how to perform the Tridentine Mass [in Latin] and to become fluent/proficient in the language- as it is the official language of the Church. Additionally, priests no longer need the permission of the Bishop in order to perform a Latin Mass- as long as they have the proper training.There were many comments at the bottom of the article that were attacking this conservativge Catholic move... I just don't understand this. Latin has been the language of the Church- and Mass- for centuries. Why should we lose this sacred tradition if we know that we can take simple steps to preserve it? Furthermore, many people have left the institutional church for want of Latin and tradition- they have created the "Sedavacanist" sect... After all the protestant-like changes of Vatican II - a move back towards tradition has been long overdue and is gladly welcomed in my books...

Wat do you think?  Latin or vernacular? which is more appropriate?

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