Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello my dear Catholic friends...

Its been about a week and I have a few things to say...
Sancte Mater Ora Pro Nobis.
1. Its that time again.... As Catholics we are being asked to vote responsibly- this means above all choosing a candidate that is PRO-LIFE! Our bishops and our Church encourage us to give this serious thought before casting a vote- For more on the Catholic-conscious voting and Christian politics please visit

2. Have you heard of the Society of St. Michael? I can't help but wonder if they may be interested- or persuaded to join ranks with the Archangelati.

3. There is a Catholic guy from the UK- whom I am subscribed to on Youtube. I just found out he has a blog here- and it is wonderfully composed. If you are interested I highly recommend that you check it out- the link is right here. It truly is excellent.- let him know I say so.

4. I uploaded a new video- on Sola Fide vs Faith & Works teachings and scripture... please watch   

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