Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Father Who [Catholic Webcomic] Up & Running!

An updated Fr. Who
The first issue of "Father Who" is now up & running! Now you, your friends, and your children can enjoy a clean Catholic comic without having to worry about profanity, nudity, anti-clerical or anti-papal messages etc. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by it [I hope you subscribe!]

Right now the comic is running and on Comic Rocket for those that prefer this site to keep up with their online subscriptions [I was already using it to follow a few- figured I might as well post mine too!] While you're at Comic Rocket- check out "The CruZader Secret Agent of the Catholic Church" - I haven't finished it yet but so far the art is fantastic & if you're into superhero comics you'd definitely find it appealing.

 What I have posted online is the first issue which I created prior to December. I am now beginning to write and draw the next issue- right now I'm setting the story up but by this weekend I'll hopefully decide where they'll be going & who they'll meet on their first journey together through time & space. I picked up "The Golden Legend" for inspiration.

Any suggestions? If you could go back in time & meet one saint or Early Church Father- who would it be?

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