Thursday, August 30, 2012

If the world is a puzzle and we are the pieces...

The world is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and we are each a piece of it. We are not all intended to be the same shape or piece- there must be some of us who are ‘ends’ and corners while others must be the middle pieces. We cannot be something that God did not create us to be. If we try to jam ourselves into the puzzle in the wrong spot- we’ll set the whole puzzle off. We all have a purpose. But how do I know if I am supposed to be on a corner or in the center? How do I know if I am supposed to be a wife or a nun? Unlike a jigsaw puzzle, the world is not so neat and clean cut. But unlike a jigsaw puzzle, we have a God who guides us and is with us every step of the way. We have a God that intimately knows each piece and can see the whole picture.  He sees our trials and failures and softly whispers hints and directions in our ears-- we must be willing to listen. 

No matter where God is calling you and me to be, I know that He is calling us to live a life of love. He wants each and every one of us to be saints. As we all know, the saints are varied and diverse people. The path to holiness and sainthood does not automatically mean that everyone must be a priest,brother or nun … 

In France during the mid-1800’s, Zélie Guérin and Louis Martin were both discerning the call to the religious life. While Louis considered staying single, Zélie discerned the call to become a nun. As fate would have it, they met and decided to marry on July 13th 1858. Although they were married, they tried to live together in chastity like “brothers and sisters” but were instructed by a priest that this was not the way to embrace their vocation of marriage. At the age of 46, after 19 years of marriage, Zélie Martin passed away. This left Louis to raise their (living) five daughters. The daughters of this French couple became nuns of various orders… one of which is now widely known as a patron to the Carmelites, St Therese of the Little Flower. This couple which had such different plans for themselves gave their lives to God and trusted in His plan for them. Who could imagine that God would be calling them to birth, nurture and raise saints and holy women!

We can all learn a thing or two from their experiences. Everybody has a plan for themselves, not fulfilling our own plans does not mean that we have 'failed' or 'fallen short'. Sometimes God has different plans for us. As pieces in the puzzle of life, we have a limited understanding of our surroundings. If we wish to live a life that truly glorifies the Lord and allows us to reach our full potential, we must rely on God - who not only can see but actually made the whole picture. We must trust in Him to lead us. As a Trinitarian sister once told me, we are all like different types of flowers, we all need different things to help us grow (spiritually) but only God knows what garden we belong in so that we can be as beautiful and full of life as possible. We must trust that God will lead us to that garden which will nurture our souls- whether it is through motherhood, becoming a hermit, or remaining single. Only God knows what is best for us...

May God Bless and guide you in whatever vocation you are called to. May you trust Him utterly and completely to ‘see the big picture’ and may you desire to be the piece of the puzzle that God wants you to be. For an increase in understanding and acceptance of vocations and for all who are discerning- we pray to the Lord!


  1. Well done- I love the analogy of the puzzle!

  2. I just found your site in my search for other Catholic blogs and I think it's wonderful. I will be surfing around your earlier posts and look forward to more like this one. My hope is to connect with other people who love the Church and want to share the Faith. My own blog is Journey of a 21st Century Catholic at If you get a chance, stop by and say hello!